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Pet Insurance semantics

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Rescue kitten

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Advice on living life with an elderly dog

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Someone is taking the p….

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Deafness in dogs

2 Maya1

Dog toy danger - owners beware.

9 Silvergirl

Are you an adopter/rescuer?

147 Iam64

Grieving for our beautiful dog

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Parvo in fully vaccinated dogs

2 Georgesgran

Dog sitting/insurance

36 Oldbat1

Rehome/buying a dog via Facebook

45 Oldbat1

Labrador with ulcers on elbows

11 grandtanteJE65

What type of behaviourist should we try?

10 Norah

Protecting our house from the parcel delivery man

28 Katie59

I can't look after my cat anymore

53 GrannyLondon

How do we stop this? I am baffled

18 LadyHonoriaDedlock


7 Rosina

normal or not for puppy to be destroying things

24 MerylStreep

Her greyhound is causing her sleepless nights

6 Starlyte

Feline 40.

5 janipans

Dirty dog!

105 Blondiescot


17 grandtanteJE65

Luxating patella in dogs.

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Eau-de-cat litter

10 62Granny

Cat litter recommendations (home delivery) please

21 Deedaa

Daughters cat moving in. Advice Please.

11 grandtanteJE65

Feeling so despondent - rescue dogs - ageism striking?

84 HurdyGurdy

Dog owners again.

117 ourjude

What sort of people do dog shows and are they unethical?

28 Fleurpepper

An update from Trubel and Tigger

2 Kinsi10

Too old for a puppy?

62 watermeadow

Holiday romance

2 Blossoming

Cocker spaniel waking up very early

56 Daisymae

"New arrivals" and thanks once more for all your sympathy

23 grandtanteJE65

The joy of owning a dog

142 oodles

Lump after vaccination

3 Gillycats

The heatwave

2 Septimia

Grass seeds

6 MayBee70

Why do dog owners think it’s acceptable for their wet dogs to jump at people ?

111 Iam64

Keeping Hot Cat Cool

7 shysal

Dog passport

13 Oldbat1

One man and his cat.

13 Cassy0110

Dogs I have loved

25 Iam64

A bird in the hand

27 RichmondPark

To spay or not to spay?

106 chesteranna

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

48 henetha

Dog bathing at home or take to groomer

27 Barmeyoldbat

Canine hip dysplasia......breed er response!

21 sail

Dog owners, could I ask your advice, please?

35 Iam64

What would you do? Re Cattery or not

18 CazB