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Cutting down energy use- what is happening around you?

83 MerylStreep

What is wrong with this government?

29 GagaJo

Trump Organisation

46 varian

Eddie Izzard not chosen to be Labour candidate for Sheffield Central.

195 FarNorth

Festival of Brexit was ‘monumental cock-up’, MPs tell culture secretary

44 Callistemon21

We'll *Do Something" about the strikes

102 MaizieD

At last ... a plan. Gordon Brown's constitutional review revealed

96 MaizieD

Harry and Meghan- Netflix Trailer.

439 hollysteers

Times Online real names only for comments?!

14 PamelaJ1

“Scottish government loses indyref2 court case”

270 grannydarkhair

A boost for Brexit?

234 varian

Covid seems to have been profitable for some

112 Whitewavemark2

Matt Hancock not standing at next election

23 OnwardandUpward

Nurses responsible for appeasing Putin

40 ronib

Soft power

55 icanhandthemback

Ian Blackford steps down as SNP leader at Westminster. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

54 volver

I’m a Celebrity - normal standards don’t apply to me

7 henetha

Meghan Markle Faced 'Disgusting and Very Real' Threats in the U.K., Former Counterterrorism Head Says

412 GagaJo

Bertrand Russell, experts and scepticism

17 Namsnanny

CEO Susie Green has left Mermaids!

54 FarNorth

Raheem Sterling has left the England squad …

20 Iam64

Racism as a factor in violence against females

41 Smileless2012

Buckingham Palace Aide resigns

1000 FannyCornforth

Downs Syndrome and Abortion.

92 Iam64

That reception - don't forget its message.

123 Smileless2012

Reflecting the polls

109 Iam64

Deaths in Scottish prisons at record high.

98 volver

Discrimination against 3.8 million women

57 Callistemon21

Suffragette colours and other issues

19 Saetana

Do we believe him? Not Celebrity likely!

21 MissAdventure

And now Sajid Javid steps now as an MP.

30 Witzend

Rees-Mogg = US far-right anti abortionist. 'Cult of death'

35 Grantanow

Due to rights restrictions…

3 mokryna

Scarf in Suffragette colours not allowed in Scottish Parliament.

1000 Galaxy

Matt Hancock to enter the jungle in I’m a Celebrity

376 OnwardandUpward

Who do we hate this week?

67 Callistemon21

Christine Mcvie has died

11 TerriBull

Petition : *Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex*

679 Doodledog

Ambulance staff will go on strike soon

19 Oreo

New head of the Met speaks out about problem officers.

22 Caleo

Queen Consort and 6 companions...

24 Grany

If Scotland is so wee,,poor and stupid ,why DO WM aka the ENGLISH parliament want so desperately to hold onto us

301 volver

Nurses Strike -Do you support? What will it look like?

288 Grantanow

Bullying, harassment, London Fire Brigade

37 Wyllow3

Prince Andrew furious as £3m-a-year taxpayer funded armed police security to be axed

17 Blossoming

What will happen to Conservatism and where will it go from here.

62 Oreo

Doddie Weir's died 😢

35 JaneJudge

Football in Qatar

98 TerriBull

ULEZ!! Expansion

27 Elusivebutterfly

Donations given to retain Democracy?

7 Aveline