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What is the mistake you made when just started a job ?

15 biglouis

Volunteer/Director ??

5 Kateykrunch

When is a favour not a favour.

115 biglouis

Volunteering - claiming expenses.

63 Georgesgran

AIBU to leave this job?

29 OnwardandUpward

Retirement panic

30 biglouis

New job - what are my chances?

13 Forsythia

Working with colleague who is toxic

14 biglouis

Is Volunteering a moral duty to "give something back"?

103 biglouis

Negotiating a starting salary

3 biglouis

Online volunteering..

11 MayBee70

Bookkeeping course

5 Sapphire24

how to write a CV

4 sum1607

The final straw that broke the camel's back

70 Germanshepherdsmum

Do you volunteer? If not, why not?

70 LRavenscroft

Work resignation

44 Rosina

Need advice on cleaning mirrors.

22 Patsy70

How to find the right volunteering

24 GrammyGrammy

Colleague taking advantage

34 oodles

My line manager puts me down

17 biglouis

How to get a job interview?

29 StarDreamer

Alternatives to calling yourself (semi) retired

29 biglouis

Anyone still working full-tine in their 60’s?

135 HowVeryDareYou

New job is really grinding me down

32 red1

New business - but what to call myself?!

31 ixion

Gave in my notice

19 62Granny

just a minimum £20 per week that is all

21 Ailsa43

Not happy

6 GrammyGrammy

Bit upset over work issues

58 biglouis

Odd Retirement Gift

57 GrumpyGran8


1 Medsec65

Nasty/ignorant colleague

84 LesLee7

Upset about work

18 welbeck

Stand at an antique centre

41 biglouis

Self Employed and working from home.

5 biglouis

I thought the Manageress of the charity shop was very rude to one of her staff!

32 Caleo

Opposition from others when launching new job or career

1 biglouis

Earning after taking pension

27 Nannarose

People you work with - colleagues or friends

15 Galaxy

Corporate "AWAY DAYS" aaaggghhhh

86 biglouis

Software developers - any of you out there?

43 teresavillasenor

Changing things!

9 Kim19

Help with dog walking- Holyhead area- Cinnamon Trust

3 silverlining48

How important is CRM for business?

39 Calendargirl

Love the job…hate the Manager..

22 GagaJo

Celebs and charity

17 CanadianGran

Told I am too old to find a new job

39 biglouis

Usurped at work by younger person

91 biglouis

Lurkers' week - what's the worst job you've ever had?

69 Luckylegs

Work Perks

49 NotTooOld