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My daughter can’t get her wi fi sorted out with BT

10 GagaJo

Hey! Broadband

1 tanith

Can you help please. A new laptop is needed.

9 Shelmiss

Getting a new email address

3 Pittcity

Need some printer advise.

16 Marydoll

How to transfer photos from my I Phone to laptop or memory stick

12 Tizliz

Solar Farms again - are panels biodegradable?

4 Katie59

Any ideas, this one has me stumped!

8 Missedout

Best low energy use kettle?

44 M0nica

Upgrading my iPhone and stressed

23 ElaineI

Best Big Button Mobile - not a smartphone!

4 StephLP

Choosing a new smart TV

36 HowVeryDareYou

Radio 4 fed by wifi changes 2023?

21 Chestnut

Mini Plug-in Heater Recomendations

4 shysal

Freesat box

4 Missedout

I phone 6s

7 Missedout

Advice needed on an E Reader for my Mum!

31 Floradora9

Palm swiping

7 MerylStreep

Facebook message 'temporarily banned'

28 Curtaintwitcher

Internet misunderstandings

51 Allsorts

Pay pal

3 Allsorts

Helping grandma with the controller - taken to extreme.

4 Elegran

People who post on Facebook

61 Lesley60

Network Issue Fix in Smithtown NY

2 Callistemon21

I phone sent an audio message without me knowing.

8 Lovetopaint037

When does your computer become obsolete?

37 Esspee

Help with granddaughters research project?

22 littleflo

Can the human body block the wifi?

17 holora

Downloading or uploading a photo on GN

12 holora


9 MarleneOnTheWall

Random Whatsapp scam

23 Namsnanny

Apple iPad update. Security breach.

14 TillyTrotter

Disappearing messages messenger

15 Missedout

What do I do, is this another spam?

15 NotSpaghetti

I’ve broken my computer

20 MayBee70

How to wireless printer to new computer

16 MiniMoon

Gmail on mobile + laptop

13 Missedout

New mouse

19 henetha

Altering settings on Gransnet

28 Pittcity

Any other technophobes?!

64 somnbun


6 Lovetopaint037

Where about is the authentication notice on aLloyds App?

6 Lovetopaint037

Parking using Ringo

15 Rosieroe

Very simple financial software recommendations, please?

4 Pittcity

Best cheap printer

25 Visgir1

New coal mine in Cumbria

7 TopsyIrene06

Interruptions on a zoom call or mid language course

6 Baggs

Renewable energy

13 falakrogar

Does anyone have an Apple computer?

8 ElaineI


11 lemsip