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Whether you’re after advice on how to go grey gracefully, looking for makeup tips, or searching for the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding? We’ve got it all and more in our style and beauty section.

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Anyone decided to go fully grey from brunette

56 Nannytopsy

Is Your Wardrobe Winter Ready?

27 Caleo

Make-up for us 'mature' ladies

24 LadySybil

Crepey skin on arms

3 LadySybil

Wigging it

16 MissAdventure

Difference between eyebrow tattooing and laminating?

8 MayBee70

Recommendation for Hot Hair Brush.

12 TerriBull

Old make-up

8 Visgir1


126 diygran

Marks and Spencer’s Advent Calendar

2 GrannyGravy13

Really, really, really dry skin - help!

15 lemsip

Can anyone recommend a good - long- raincoat?

95 icanhandthemback

Spotty clothes or stripes! Which do you prefer!

43 CanadianGran

Do you use a mascara you can recommend?

30 Babs758

Skincare suggestions

126 NasirJaved

Saggy skin eyebrow plucking

6 NasirJaved

Can you recommend a Jo Malone fragrance?

30 LRavenscroft

The waistbands of leggings.

13 NotTooOld

Dentistry Abroad

14 AreWeThereYet

Can acne occurs on the dry skin?

5 NasirJaved

Oh no, Joules is one of my favourites.

157 nanna8

Tights, forgotten how uncomfortable they are!

142 AussieGran59

Where can I find petite fashion age 60

26 QuietlyClassic

It isn’t my style, but….

71 seadragon

M&S - Beauty Advent Beauty Box

16 tickingbird

Boden 30% off

6 Kim19

SHEIN clothing

33 M0nica

Do you wear Slips and/or Petticoats

62 AreWeThereYet

Where can I buy jeans that don't stretch?

53 MawtheMerrier

New fashion women's jeans.

181 humbertplug

Headdresses on Heads with Thinning Hair.

9 MissAdventure

Wellington Boots Which Don’t Rub Your Ankles

17 Retread

Decent foundation at a reasonable price - any recs. please.

12 CazB

Lifting wrinkles

52 Esspee

Boots for wide fitting feet (E/EE)!

16 CvD66

Does anyone else feel disenfranchised by models?

114 M0nica

Mutton As Lamb

106 Allsorts

Advice needed re shoe stretchers

4 MissAdventure

Swing tops

5 Caleo

So now we move onto Glasses (not drinking glasses , wearing glasses)

56 Deedaa

The Real Cost of Fast Fashion

101 MerylStreep

My favourite things

9 M0nica

I bought sketchers boots

6 shysal

Poncho's do you wear one, I think I may purchase one and see

38 Forsythia

Well! "It looked great" on the model [hmm] (clothes) [confused]

51 Sarah74

All trussed up

97 Joseanne

Has anybody tried taking collagen?

9 Elegran

Water flosser for teeth?

10 JackyB

Beauty regime - a con?

31 Mikkima


46 nanna8