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Wedding related manners/etiquette

84 Doodledog

Do I stay or do I go?

17 Hetty58

Aaargh! Just as I sit down with a coffee....

97 Gabrielle56

Tactless or underlying nastiness ?

38 AreWeThereYet

Help needed with overbearing MIL

27 hazel93

I'm Trying..TRYING to stay out of it

63 notgran

Medicine deliveries.

5 ginny

Son disowned me

13 icanhandthemback

I think my son is bullying me

57 OnwardandUpward

Smacking children

286 Farzanah


41 Esspee

Incontinent husband

12 Luckygirl3

Asking girls if they have a boyfriend

82 V3ra

What do I do with a husband , he's 77 & I'm 78, who shouts at me.

33 Horti

Christmas Gifting

70 Nanatuesday2

My daughter blames me.

33 Shelflife

Hurt at being excluded from friendship group

21 nanna8

ex-wife visiting mom

47 MawtheMerrier

Holiday without husband ?

27 Meer13511

daughter told me she is in relationship with another girl

52 TwiceAsNice

Struggle to feel accepted

37 lovebeigecardigan...

Completely different things wanted from retirement.

69 LinFreed

Relationship ended. Step daughter hates me

37 LinFreed

girlfriend and drinking

69 Bird40

I like my own space…

124 LRavenscroft

Issues with my brother and ex sister in law

24 FarNorth

Jealous grandparent

23 swampy1961


34 OnwardandUpward

Chronic fatigue

52 nadateturbe

My Partner Hates My Adult Children

74 TwiceAsNice

My husband is not intimate with me

34 SparklyGrandma

Driving- does it affect your relationship?

60 BigBertha1


18 LittleDot

Betrayal of trust

20 Caleo

Have you forgiven his infidelity?

70 Startingover61

How to let go of my adult children

159 jeanie99


16 BlueBelle

Fiancé dislikes my adult children

32 Escudo

Selfish adult children

24 OnwardandUpward

Anxious about attending this wedding

3 swampy1961

Funeral or unattended cremation?

47 Ailidh

Life after 70

18 Madgran77

Post natal depression after 36 years

13 Bird40

So petty of me in the great scheme of things but....

37 Bird40

Am I imagining things or just intolerant?

20 Bird40

At a cross roads in relationship

55 oodles

My son and his wife’s divorce

13 halfpint1

Thinking of leaving my husband after 45 years .

30 Alioop

How do deal with rocky relationship.

17 Prentice

Recommended ? Books on Separation at 76

7 Florencelady