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The importance of punctuation

58 JackyB


20 MaizieD


18 Baggs

Bowlsful/ bowlfuls

48 FarNorth


17 welbeck

Christmas cards.

23 Alioop

Furniture item with 'draws' - should be 'drawers'!

39 Bunty24

Rein/ Reign

29 volver


23 sodapop


8 MaizieD

Pop-up adverts

5 Ali08


56 JackyB


42 Witzend

That’s it, I give up….

116 sodapop

Lying in State

2 MawtheMerrier

Le mot juste - does it matter, who cares anyway if it is the right word?

38 Fleurpepper

Oh dear BBC

37 Ali08

Hang your heads in shame, Channel 5

52 MawtheMerrier

Still wondering why they chose this caption

10 mrswoo


9 Grandma70s


43 Judy54

Time for a smile

8 Mollygo

Using underestimated instead of overestimated.

5 annsixty

Quick vs quickly/fast - is it just me?

24 HeavenLeigh

Gender language

42 Fennel

mould and mold

19 AGAA4

Off and on

38 Mollygo

"I was like"----

2 winterwhite

‘There’s so many savings this week!’

44 Yammy

Joined at the hip.

11 NotSpaghetti

Vicious circle or cycle?

20 MaizieD

The le''er 'T'

79 nanna8

Very unique!

87 Doodledog

I done me best, but...

103 Witzend

Women with elderly relatives in toe.

11 Puzzled

Just came across this…

15 argymargy

Is this the right category - pedants' corner?

18 grandtanteJE65

There, their and they're

47 Septimia

plurals of words ending with 'o'.

21 Esspee


10 grandtanteJE65

Dynamic Tripod Grasp

15 Sarahmob

Mixed Metaphors

4 crazyH

‘If Mum’s were flowers, I’d pick you.’

25 Witzend

Pounds in the plural, please!

32 Mollygo

These ones / those ones?

33 Witzend

Anniversary - misunderstood meaning, but why?

16 Elizabeth27


31 TillyTrotter

Use of the word "floor" instead of "ground"

60 Witzend

I thought fellow pedants might be amused by this pedantic owl…

11 grandtanteJE65

It's not a blasted slither!

28 Witzend