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Keeping warm

48 Franbern

Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 9*

989 Yoginimeisje

Ring around the collar (and other stains)

3 Parsley3

Broadband Renewal.

24 Doodledog

Water meters

24 Georgesgran

I seem to have an unwanted visitor in the kitchen


Thinking of installing a smart meter

77 Eloethan

My airing cupboard…

9 Shinamae

Coverless duvets

77 Caleo

Fitting ring doorbell

9 aggie

Duvets? And getting them laundered?

13 LRavenscroft

Isn't it great when things work like they claim ?

8 Hetty58

Doorbell rings but nobody there

12 Hetty58

Unexpected bills

70 Callistemon21

has anybody got suggestions for a dehumidifier to help dry washing

18 Georgesgran

Need a new vacuum cleaner…

20 vegansrock

Savings after moving house

29 karmalady

Heating tip

16 annsixty

Oven timings!

4 Callistemon21

Roof cleaning

37 SmasLeeviy

smell on plates and glasses after being in dishwasher

18 angieb1954

Glass balconies

35 tanith

Octopus and low use points scheme

26 karmalady

Carpet wahers

25 Lupin

Water Distiller - does anyone have one

13 OnwardandUpward

Air fryers

3 HeavenLeigh

Architectural Technologists

6 MawtheMerrier

Sewing machine help

28 SusieB50

Convection Heaters

3 westendgirl

Not been on for ages .....

10 Kim19

Sofa search

11 Auntieflo

Hot water dispensers, are they worth it; which one?

28 Auntieflo

Well, I didn't expect it to work...but it did!

14 Aveline

Stainless Steel Steamer

50 Elegran

Relocation Help (Hampshire / East Dorset Border)

17 Callistemon21

Quarry tile restoration

8 Whiff


15 Quokka

Trouble with stairs

24 biglouis

House insurance for dormer bungalow

12 Betteand

Having a house sold from under you & WHAT YOU CAN DO

9 Vintagenonna

Dual Fuel Oven

3 growstuff

Recommendations for shower panel

4 FrankSpiller

Has anyone got green garden fencing ?

23 Callistemon21

Coffee machine recommendations

27 starshine

Kitchen cabinet makeover

7 Callistemon21

Transferring the government subsidy to a new energy supplier

3 Jadde09

Dealing with energy suppliers

28 Razzamatazz

Anyone noticing that tomatoes etc are going mouldy early.

28 MissAdventure

Conservatory/extensi on window covering

8 LizzieDrip

Wool or Silk Duvets,Are they worth paying for?

22 Lathyrus