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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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Black Dog 14

121 Sweetpeasue

Contacting the doctor

46 Callistemon21

Did my friend starve to death

30 M0nica

Mystery condition

81 cc

Tips of fingers feeling dead

10 midgey

Anyone taking Citalopram? Advice please

25 pascal30

Arch Supports

15 Callistemon21

Sad times in gp service

11 biglouis

Scarlet Fever

49 argymargy

flu jab

3 Redhead56

Pain after fall

12 VioletSky

👯‍♀️Hip & Knee Replacement #3 👯‍♀️

16 Aveline

Frozen shoulder

3 veejay

My dentist has told me I can't see her again as I don't go regularly enough.

32 Shelmiss

Close relative working for NHS and Data protection

21 growstuff

Warm Compress

6 giulia

Princess Grace hospital cancelled vital surgery for woman who requested single-sex care

843 Doodledog

?‍♀️Hip Replacement #2 ?‍♀️ (Knees Welcome!) ?‍♀️

999 FannyCornforth

Anyone suffering with rotator cuff injury?

21 PaperMonster


9 Sparklefizz

Have you any experience of a dental implant?

48 CaroleLM16

My finger hurts - but why?

11 Namsnanny

Greater Trochanteric Syndrome

3 Drina01

After-effects of flu vaccination…anyone?

22 Doodledog

Arthritic knee with shooting pain only at night

24 Betty25

Making a GP appointment

34 discoqueen

Beneden Healthcare - experience?

18 LadyGracie

Joint pain in Damp Weather

6 MawtheMerrier

Cortisone injection for degenerative disc bulge

5 grannydarkhair

A cure for Alzheimer’s?

13 benadams201

What would you do?

46 NotSpaghetti

Mammogram recall - update

29 Whiff

Face masks and cold blisters

28 joshphillipss

Helping others with mental health problems

5 choughdancer

Online Pharmacy - any good?

23 Nikita80

Mammogram recall - panicking like mad

25 Hetty58

Black DOG 13

1000 Wyllow3


46 Grannmarie

NHS problems from the horses mouth

110 Grantanow

Physio referrals with no diagnosis

32 LexYmae


2 Jaxjacky

Turmeric causes iron deficiency

20 JaneJudge

GP face to face appointments ‘league tables’

13 cornergran

Viruses doing the rounds

28 LRavenscroft

DH changed to Ramipril for BP

36 Nannan2

Flu and cold relief tablets or tough it out? 🤧🤧

30 Rosie51

Bonkers new rule at our GP surgery

239 Alioop

Crohn's disease

8 midgey


17 M0nica

Any info appreciated

6 Liljan