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Scottish Census 1921

14 Grammaretto

Who’s the Daddy and where is my sister.

35 Nannagarra

My grandchildren call me Papa …

15 HowVeryDareYou

Memories and Regrets

25 grNadpa

Gedcom - has anyone used it?

9 Chestnut

1921 Scottish census. Is this available yet?

3 Grammaretto

Trigger Warning - It is Halloween tomorrow can you say yes to the following?

46 AussieGran59

How do you search the census by an address

4 Menna

Irish passport as a Brexit protest

109 Sago

Finding certificates of marriage/death in Europe late 18C

4 winterwhite

DNA test with Ancestry...a puzzle

44 Germanshepherdsmum

Old Maps of UK

10 ixion

Family photos and paintings

13 Oopsadaisy1

Offer of help

2 lemsip

DNA update

28 Floradora9

Such a short time ago

19 fiorentina51

Radio 2

4 FannyCornforth

Has anyone done DNA tests

72 Chestnut

A Death Certificate query

53 Flakesdayout

The 1921 Census is half price this weekend

2 Germanshepherdsmum

Scottish Indexes Conference

3 Elegran

Family history in England

14 jeanie99

Family Historian 7 software

5 jeanie99

Family Tree Maker. Should I buy this software?

12 rcnrll

1921 Census release today

109 SueDonim

Contact about family tree

5 Shandy57

Have you traced your family tree?

27 Chestnut

Josh Widdicombe for King

4 lemongrove

Swearing in front of Gc.

112 lightallan

Buying copies of certificates

29 Maria59


20 Katie59

How do I find what happened to my uncle?

18 Allsorts

Finding my great grandfather

11 Chestnut

Inherited Photographs/Document ation.

6 Chestnut

Transition into motherhood

39 Shelflife

Ancestry have updated my DNA results

23 Floradora9

Carpenters and the Clothworkers' Company

2 Blossoming

Nursing history

8 Aldom


2 vampirequeen

Which is the best subscription website for research and why

14 Daisydaisydaisy

Defending My Murdered Aunt's Memory

37 grandtanteJE65

Writing the family history

17 JennyNotFromTheBlock

Ohmigosh - a scandal uncovered

98 Maggiemaybe

Any suggestion? Missing enumeration district on Ancestry?

5 NannyC2

Release of Census

11 HeyHo

Genealogy - free online course

2 silverlining48

genealogy, where do I start?

66 Picklesandrea1

Getting started - help appreciated

39 Esspee

What would you consider the best subscription research sites

18 Sarnia

Where does your family surname come from?

25 GagaJo