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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Watering Exhaustion - a change is needed!

63 Jenniferhere

A splash of bright colour in November

26 farview

Because my plants were drowning….

23 Shinamae

Last blooms from the garden?

145 Namsnanny

Advice for a small fruit garden, please

19 paddyann54

My poor Hebe

10 BlueBalou

Monty has a new dog!

44 Ziplok

Late flowers, Global Warming

5 nanna8

What will you never grow again?

87 echt

Flowering Azalea Plant

4 gulligranny

My ficus is poorly

7 Visgir1

How to care for a red hot poker plant

6 Aldom

Suggesting for a flowering climber

30 NotSpaghetti

Any idea what these apples are?

22 Witzend

Large pots. What plants?

15 Namsnanny

Spring bulbs

2 Namsnanny

Wild flower garden

11 Luckygirl3


145 MayBee70

What to do with apples falling off tree

23 jeanie99

Can anyone suggest a perennial for the front of the border that is bombproof?

12 J52

This is a Lost Cause, isn’t it? ?

7 Esmay

Green tomatoes on plants outside - leave or pick?

14 Patsy70

Squirrels digging up lawn

11 LucyLocket55

Have I made a costly mistake?!

31 madeleine45

autumn doings

36 Greyduster

Chafer grubs in lawn

8 Lynker

Cut back primula foliage?

4 Sassanach512

RHS Bridgewater

25 Foxgloveandroses

Houseplants, help please.

5 Leah50

moving roses and fresh air

7 karmalady

Moving a rose bush

11 Wrigleys

I have a glut of Laxton Superb

8 Callistemon21

Squirrels nut planting season

15 Callistemon21


3 Willow73

Thoughts for starting a garden at this time of year, please

113 Katie59

? Gardeners World ?

28 Callistemon21

Overwintering Dahlia's

13 Mapleleaf

What plants are your best "doers" in your garden?

56 Nell8

Picking tomatoes

28 Greyduster

Vegetable successes during this very dry summer

28 Libman

Fruit bushes / trees in pots; advice please

23 Callistemon21

Chiggers anyone?

16 annodomini

Trailing autumn/winter pansies - any thoughts?

8 Daisymae

Do you deadhead petunias/surfinias?

23 Clematis46

Rhubarb in August

7 tanith

Hedgehog in the garden - how do you help it?

19 Athrawes

Help!… What are these?

7 sharon103

Swallows and house martins

6 nanna8

Overgrown neighbours garden damaging our fence

21 jeanie99

Sun room plants - ideas very welcome

5 Grandmabatty