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What is good to buy from Waitrose?

27 Cougar530

Is there a Home Economist in the House?

6 NotSpaghetti


21 FindingNemo15

Vol au vent cases

20 Pigma

Doggy bags - yes or no?

56 Witzend

Your Five Favourite Foods

78 Allsorts


7 M0nica

Tesco Delivery Saver

6 Chestnut

Mini silicone cake moulds


Tomato free receipes?

44 OnwardandUpward

Another Airfryer, Alternative Oven One ?

57 Pittcity

Egg substitute recommendations

25 AreWeThereYet


22 Oldnproud

Poached eggs help please

45 Mogsmaw

Very lazy unhealthy dinner

66 Franbern

message from a butcher lol

38 Grandmadinosaur

Cornflour disappearing from supermarket shelves?

60 Ali23

Stewed steak/beef stew

69 cc

To make or buy

47 Leavingnormal


4 Sago

Lidl frozen turkeys - any good?

26 Hetty58

Slow cooker problem

53 Urmstongran

Plates or bowls for everyday eating?

149 MissAdventure

Sticky gingerbread…

19 wetflannel

Oxo Crisps

13 Cherylg

Where are the Sliced Frozen green beans?

46 MadameChirac

Too much icing on cake, especially cup cakes!

36 Gala

Ginger cake

6 JackyB

Freezing pasta bake with sour cream

4 nanna8

I've been industrious!

14 CanadianGran

Apple chutney! and mulled wine…

3 M0nica

Cheese profiteroles

17 notgran

Pasta mama miaa

36 Yammy

Alternative filling for lemon

14 Callistemon21

Pickled Eggs

10 Greyduster

Oh no forgot the eggs

10 Witzend

Meal plans for one, with little cooking.

68 mokryna

Another success for the Airfryer.

131 wildswan16

Air Fryers? What to look for - reviews, tips, recipes, features etc.

9 wildswan16

Do you still cook a Sunday roast?

175 wildswan16

What’s for tea?

293 Norah

Asda offer free soup , roll and unlimited tea and coffee for over 60s

77 MissAdventure

(Drink, not food) G & T Question ?

38 Greyduster

Light lunch ideas please

37 Urmstongran

Storing Beetroot.

7 Whitewavemark2

Halogen cookers,anyone tried one.

15 Urmstongran

I have just learned th "e " means on food weights

4 Granmarderby10

Anyone made quince jam/jelly?

24 granfromafar


24 MawtheMerrier

Recipes for Cuisinart Cook

1 majen