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Whether you’re after advice on starting up an exercise routine (see our useful pages on Couch to 5k as well as Tai Chi and Pilates, or looking for nutritional guidance and diet advice) then you've come to the right place. Alternatively, check out our Health section.

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To Gym or Not to Gym?

31 mokryna

I’m a Pear ? the sequel part 3 - Wow!

954 MayBee70

Getting a bit despondent now..

9 Shinamae

E bikes

22 karmalady

Is it a good choice to join a walking club?

9 posset

Why is it so hard to lose just half a stone?

17 dogsmother

How can I lose weight quick? Help!

78 mokryna

Excessive wind

114 Sallywally1

Large stomach with no increase in weight.

22 Whiff

Doing yoga with high blood pressure.

7 Georgesgran

Exercise Bike Recommendations Please ?

14 FannyCornforth

Holiday weight loss

11 Grammy666

Wedding Invite ,lose a stone ?

17 midgey

Advice please

8 lemsip

Feeder Partner/Husband

54 Grammy666

Helping Older People Stay Active At Home

38 M0nica

Pilates on utube…..

8 Perdita33

Anyone else doing Keto at over 65?

14 Lynette55

No longer a Vegan after 11 years

169 MayBee70

Canadian Air Force - 12 Minute Exercises

8 Ashcombe

Hula hoops

29 tradermt5

No I really don't need a cycle helmet... or do I?

101 tradermt5

Exercising while in isolation

23 Callistemon21

What is safe exercise with heart condition?

40 MawtheMerrier

Digital Food Scales, any recommendations?

1 NainCC

Medications and weight gain

11 WhiteElephant

Has anyone tried Noom dieting app?

10 Honeysuckleberries

Diabetic friendly desserts

20 ninathenana

Dance music

9 Whiff


49 Jezra

Does anyone have an really old WW receipes?

23 Callistemon21

Did anyone suddenly ‘balloon’?!

25 Flaxseed

Exercise bike workout for a 75 year old?

26 HazelGreen

Gym membership

10 Ravelling

Does anyone use weights, like dumbbells or those kettlebells

18 jeanie99

Mortified in Boots

45 Newquay

physio exercises

19 JenniferEccles

Has anyone following the NHS weight loss plan

41 henetha

I’m a Pear ? the sequel part 2 !

1000 Sarahmob

Can you recommend a blender for smoothies please?

10 Allsorts

Why I love the 5:2 diet

224 Allsorts

Just bought a Fitbit

15 Shinamae

Does anyone have experience of a personal trainer ?

39 Shinamae

health and food etc

46 Shirleyw

we all know we have to exercise but.......

12 Whiff

Keep going 87 planning to climb 2866 FT monttian

8 Jaxjacky


5 Hetty58

Put on a stone over last twelve months

30 Kim19

Swimming and dentures ?

7 shysal


20 Grandma70s