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Worried about how coronavirus will affect your Christmas? You're not alone. Read more here on the latest rules and how they affect grandparents this Christmas.
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Christmas - how much are you paring back ?

65 JackyB

Mum won't come fir Christmas

15 Witzend

I actually found some warm white STATIC tree lights with a green cable!

5 Casdon

Christmas cracker fillers for toddlers

8 Nicks

What my 13 year old GS has requested for Christmas

175 Oreo

Christmas card etiquette

8 Larsonsmum

M&S Sparks 12 days of Christmas

195 Casdon

Last card for Christmas?

27 Wyllow3

Moving Christmas Advert

5 Sparklefizz

Buying online for Christmas

38 Urmstongran

Recyclable (so they say) crackers in Asda - 12 for £3!

6 Witzend

How old were your children when they found out Father Christmas wasn't real?

93 Callistemon21

I tried you don't have to.

76 TillyTrotter

Oh my goodness - have you seen this Christmas ad?

10 Doodledog

Has anyone.........?

177 happycatholicwife1

Anyone else making Delia’s mincemeat?

36 Davida1968

Icing query

3 Callistemon21

6 Things you make at Christmas that really you don't like.

73 OnwardandUpward

Christmas cards

55 NotSpaghetti

Xmas TV Ads

26 Chocolatelovinggran

wind up radio

1 sandye

Have you had your Christmas "Twink", yet?

41 Happysexagenarian

Recycled Christmas Gifts

6 NotSpaghetti

Christmas Crackers for Grownups

23 Blossoming

Home alone this Christmas

41 ParlorGames

What will your Christmas Day menu look like?

104 rocketstop

first christmas after a loss of a parent

26 Wyllow3

Couldn’t Father Christmas help?

86 Ali08

Christmas Songs that annoy you!!

77 Kate1949

Christmas cake

37 Oreo

The most outrageous gift suggestions for Christmas😳

13 nanna8

Secret Santa - to do or not to do?

90 Daisydaisydaisy

Avoiding supermarket Xmas jollity.

70 HettyBetty

Christmas Giving Dilemma

29 Blondiescot

presents to myself

99 Alioop

What was your favourite present?

88 SuzieHi

Is it lunch or dinner?

41 Witzend

Asdas christmas ad

47 MissAdventure

Family growing up what gifts should we share

9 NotAGran55

Eating “healthily” over Christmas

85 CanadianGran

Presents or gift vouchers...

21 IrishDancing

Nightmares about Christmas

89 Norah

Stockings for adult children

37 Mamma66

Too many Christmas lunch invitations

24 Blondiescot

Mince pies and when to eat them…

58 Prentice

Escape from Christmas

43 madeleine45

Planning for a cold Christmas.

2 SueDonim

Kitchen tidying

15 Prentice

Alternative Advent Calendar.

32 Georgesgran

Christmas lunch booking

52 Prentice