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Soaring heating costs, what's your plan.

326 FarNorth

Senior Moment Alert!

32 Oldnproud

Is it friendlier Up North?

107 veejay

The strikes seem detrimental to so many people

23 Siope

Celebrity nightstands (bedsides) what’s on yours and what does it reveal about you?

97 BigBertha1

Unconscious bias

56 Galaxy

Elderly who fall at home unlikely to get an ambulance during strikes.

166 Maxifly1

“Mum wants to know if you can spare a cup of sugar please?”

49 GreenGran78

Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

940 brook2704

Funny parrot joke

9 sparkly1000

How old were you when you got your first mortgage ?

79 AreWeThereYet

Joke about eggs

8 Thoro

At this time of the year ... anyone else fancying a glass of sherry before dinner?

154 Callistemon21

Can’t be bothered, 🎄 fatigue.

96 lixy


27 Elegran

Children are quick. Comical sayings of children.

89 Jaxie

Questions about Menopause

24 Siope

Good Morning Friday 9th December 2022

57 Marydoll

It amused me

2 Squiffy

Where are you from? Is it an insult?

392 Callistemon21

Coffee table books...

16 kircubbin2000

Normally I’m bah humbug but I have question

19 basicallygrace12

🛍 Another Bargain Thread 🛍

14 Marydoll

🎄🏝Desert Island Christmas 🍹

38 Yammy

Good Morning Thursday 8th December 2022

63 Grandmadinosaur

Is revenge sweet?

169 Shinamae


84 Judi45

Are women getting angrier?

57 Dickens

Clearing a house

18 MerylStreep

The bah humbug thread...

167 Muffintop

Random Coincidence?

100 Yammy

Jack Reacher - the books - the brother !

11 BelindaB

Opening the Festive Calendar backwards

8 Aveline

Good Morning Wednesday 7th December 2022

51 Litterpicker

Social Interaction these days

26 kircubbin2000

School trips and non- uniform days demands

61 Doodledog

Title edited by GNHQ: Trigger Warning - Really shocked

99 Sara1954

Since it’s getting so cold, I’ve just made a lovely bird pudding

16 Callistemon21


44 Deedaa

Another egg thrown at The King.

20 Callistemon21

Good Morning Tuesday 6th December 2022

67 Nannagarra

Heating up a dinner

41 CassieJ

BBC World Service

6 Mogsmaw

Wonderful experiences

4 Kim19

On getting into Gransnet

22 ParlorGames

Grandparent names

32 stella1949

Friendly baby elephant

27 MissAdventure

Today starts my countdown to Christmas

59 Witzend

Good Morning Monday 5th December 2022

55 Kalu

Face masks

35 Urmstongran