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One month on

12 Buttercup19

Dealing with banks etc

9 Bankhurst

advice please

6 crazyH

Alienation From Someone

10 OnwardandUpward

In Memory of a Fine Gentleman

9 NanKate

I am a widow

133 luluaugust

Grief for my mother

41 Jjackieboo


21 Nannagarra

Probate - do you have recent experience?

23 Whiff

Can’t feel my mum’s presence

16 BlueBelle

Two deaths in a month

40 nadateturbe


26 stevehacks

Shouldn’t I be better by now 3 and a half years after losing my son

34 Franbern

Next stage of bereavement?

40 flowerofthewestx2

Controlling daughter in law regarding the death of her father

235 Allsorts

Recently widowed and suffering with loneliness

88 Janburry

Late sister

19 JaneJudge

My husbands funeral tomorrow how will I cope?

133 SueDonim

If God spares me

25 biglouis

Suicide Bereavement

81 SunshineSally

Moms Ashes

6 Germanshepherdsmum

Adding an inscription to a headstone

27 icanhandthemback

My husband’s funeral this morning

120 granto2

How do I move on

10 rosie1959

Dealing with the details

44 Hellogirl1

No motivation and sleeping too much

21 MawtheMerrier

New to the forum.

6 NotSpaghetti

Bereaved at Christmas

36 Luckygirl3

Thinking of my young adult kids on Father's Day

3 Namsnanny

Church funerals

17 Yammy

Friend devastated by her mother's death: advice please

26 welbeck

Attending her grave and what to do

102 grandtanteJE65

House Clearance

51 holliebutleruk

My grandparents' house was hit by a bomb

10 timetogo2016

I need a poem to read at a funeral....

51 snowberryZ

Anniversary of husband’s death

29 mastanikhan258

Death of lovely MIL, 'dependant' daughter still in her house

14 Germanshepherdsmum

miss my dear mum

21 Nannashirlz

Have you lost friends following bereavement?

84 Oopsadaisy1

Creative memorial ideas!

6 Ladyleftfieldlover

Aftermath of everything

15 silverlining48

RIP Baby Star Hobson

242 Sarnia

Double loss and feeling fragile

32 DanniRae


43 Dogsmakemesmile


39 nanna8

How to help my friend

14 Smileless2012

Relationships and choices after bereavement

41 mymadeupname

The difference between living by yourself and living for yourself

21 Sophie3

Dealing with anger

49 M0nica

Really struggling

41 Fudgemonkey