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Oestrogen pessaries

32 Ali23

Anyone been outside yet?

83 nexus63

Advice to the younger generation.

18 Maxifly1

How much to tip cleaner?

16 Sara1954

Weight gain/ body changes

29 humptydumpty

Heated Gilets - best buy

5 PinkCosmos

Adjustable ( electric ) beds

11 JackyB

Buying gift for family in Canada

5 Llamedos13

New to Gransnet

6 Carolann57

Telling your adult kids what to do?

72 OnwardandUpward

Let's help each other through the winter months

31 ParlorGames

Present suggestions for sister recently diagnosed with cancer

21 lixy

Do you have or would you invest in Solar Panels on your property.

79 Arto1s

The National Anthem

88 Eloethan

Toddler bed

12 cornergran

Managing Four Weekly Pension

72 jocork

Cycling gloves

7 Blossoming

What do you think?

25 Hetty58

Help with gift ideas please

36 KaneWasc

Christmas presents in the late 50’s

204 Galaxy62

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

269 25Avalon

Vests for 90 year old where do I get them?

18 sweetcakes

Advice about any regrets re:changing working hrs

13 Ruby28

Non slip boots for winter

21 Lathyrus

Visiting Family In Australia.

11 Nannarose

Thank you letters

28 AussieGran59

State visit

21 Callistemon21

What do I say to my oldest friend..... ?

24 NotSpaghetti

Model Plane

20 Kateykrunch

Mens shavers

4 Grandmadinosaur

How do I prove this?

44 tickingbird

Vegan buffet ideas

24 Hetty58

Just what ARE the rules on Covid?

9 nexus63

He's Sick

10 welbeck

Clothes Drying Advice please ?

218 MayBee70

AIBU to not want to pick up disruptive Grandson from School.

76 Franbern


26 Wyllow3

Is this normal, usual, unusual, barmy or sensible??

50 Doodledog

Compression socks.

6 MiniMoon

Optimum Shops and Services in an Ideal Town

9 Cabbie21

Shoe stretchers

7 Aveline

Please help me to put on weight

35 Norah

Lotto. Should I tell him?

15 Grammaretto

Does anyone live on £1,000 per month?

151 mrsnonsmoker

Court case from the Past

5 Mogsmaw

Need a rant

28 Wyllow3

Dehumidifier rather than tumble drier

14 wildswan16

Daughter pregnant and anxious

26 Apricotdessert

Sending gifts abroad (Spain)

13 vegansrock

Birthday bash? How

23 grandtanteJE65