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Cross stitch

276 Purplepixie

I’ve knitted two hats

12 Purplepixie

Quick knitted hot water bottle cover

12 Purplepixie

Returning to knitting- where do I start

23 Witzend

Unwanted craft items

6 Whiff

Knitted this little sweater

30 Purplepixie

Sewing, the craft, fabrics, patterns, problems

197 karmalady

Halloween ideas?

81 Namsnanny

shawls. Come into their own, at last

17 GagaJo

How she manages it I don’t know, but….

4 Witzend

I knitted this sweater in one week.

72 Purplepixie

An easy garter stitch poncho

21 CocoPops

Watercolour cards

27 BrieJeff94

knitting and crochet, nattering and sharing

294 AlmaTapia4

Glass craft glue: Advice please

10 MawtheMerrier

Big Fat Ted and his little friend

25 Namsnanny

Best crafts for shaky hands?

2 Whiff

I’ve just finished this hat for a friend

57 Purplepixie

I was supposed to be getting on with other jobs once the 🎄things were finished, but…

19 Witzend

Tree festival

7 Whiff

My snowmen are too fat!

62 sheilayd

Keeping a 90 yr old amused

51 Witzend

Finally finished 2nd (final) wreath - no fat snowmen this time!

21 Kertyni

Wonderful ‘Anxiosaurus’* pattern arriving soon!

2 GrannyRose15

Grosgrain Ribbon Help!

9 Susie42

Crimplene - what is it called now

17 NotSpaghetti

Snowmen (low fat versions) finally done and dusted.

33 Ali08

Selling Crafts Online: which sales platforms do you use?

30 Lloyds

Crochet blanket help

24 Callistemon21

How to stick sea glass on something

3 MerylStreep

finishing seams on wool trousers

11 vegansrock

Phew, finally finished, down to the gormless-looking sheep.

27 Zoejory

Knitting cable mistake

25 readsalot


16 Esmay

Charity requesting knitted squares for blankets

7 Willsnan

Sewing up a blasted sheep….

31 Callistemon21

Free 1940s knitting patterns to download

22 Esmay

Embroidery Machine, In the Hoop Christmas gifts

19 Happysexagenarian

Handmade cards needed to raise funds for life saving surgery.

3 foxie48

Weaving looms, how to do weaving

3 User7777

Free Christmassy pattern for using up very small oddments

14 Witzend

Mad impulse buy (beautiful yarn!) - what do you think?

33 Elegran

Finished my big fat worry-eating Ted

16 fairfraise


21 falisiamiles

Cross stitch birth sampler

9 Fairislecable

Looking after my marbles!

18 Lucca

Cloth used for early sewing attempts

21 Thirdinline

Knitting a poncho

3 Niobe

tunisian crochet

15 Chardy

Watercolour and coffee painting

12 Chocolatelovinggran