Gransnet Newsletter 17th July

17 July 2014

Heatwaves, iPhones and fashion for grown ups...


Obesity: is surgery the answer?
Recent news that weight loss surgery may be increased in a bid to combat type 2 diabetes generated quite a discussion on our thread. Have a look at some of the issues it has raised with gransnetters, and/or add your own thoughts to our thread.

Maeve Haran

Last chance to ask Maeve Haran
The Time of their Lives is Maeve's latest novel, and it asks hard questions about what the world offers women as they get older. It's your last chance to put your questions forward to the author and read the exclusive extract.

Spare Brides Adele Parks

Coming up in August
Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks turns her laser-sharp perception and empathy to a forgotten generation of women against the tumultuous and opulent backdrop of post- First World War England. Get yourself one of 200 copies.

the womens room

Summer style for grownups
Let's face it - dressing for summer (and retaining some sense of style) can be tricky. Luckily, we've got Amanda Carr and Jane Kellock of The Women’s Room Blog on hand to suggest a few bold hot weather investments.


If that's not enough fashion for you...
The nation's feet are busy enjoying their (albeit brief) acquaintance with the elements, so how are you showing yours off? We've selected a sensible combination of stylish yet practical summer sandals for you to browse through.

Penelope Lively

Penelope Lively webchat
In Penelope Lively's latest book, Ammonites & Leaping Fish, she gives us a 'view from old age' and talks about what it's like to be old as well as how memory shapes us. Add your questions for best-selling novelist on the thread.

The Savage Kingdom book

The Savage Kingdom giveaway
Win a copy of The Savage Kingdom by Simon David Eden. An epic fantasy adventure about courage, hope, loyalty… and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her cat.

Contact with grandchildren
When relationships break down can you avoid losing contact with grandchildren? Relate and The Grandparent's Association answered your questions on this very difficult subject.

Second Guest Goes Free on an Icelandic Adventure with

Visit spectacular ports across Iceland and the Northern Isles with Cruise & Maritime on this exciting 11 night voyage, calling at Akureyi, Reykjavik and Heimaey Island - available from just £1519 for the first guest while the second guest goes free. Call 0800 316 2254.

Got a fitness conundrum?

We're very excited to bring to gransnetters the very first Local Q&A, courtesy of Gransnet Chelmsford and Move It or Lose It!. If you have trouble exercising, or want to know the best way to work around an ache or pain, head over to the Chelmsford site by 23 July. Ten people who post on the thread will also receive a Move It or Lose It! fitness DVD.

move it or lose it
Ask a question

In the interest of safety...

Ridiculous health and safety guidelines are almost impossible to avoid in today's society, but do they actually make us safer? Author, Tracey Brown, says no (for the most part). And what's more, she thinks we should all be challenging them too...

Guest blog post

Flexible working and older women

The government recently introduced the right to flexible working for all employees. But Guardian columnist, Helen Walmsley-Johnson, wonders not only how this will affect women over 50, but whether it will really benefit them at all? 

Helen W-J
Guest blog post


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From the forums

This week we have been buzzing with the highs, lows and random side effects of modern technology.

Flowerofthewest says ,"This morning while reading a magazine I wanted to read something which was on a tiny frame on the page. I found my self getting frustrated because I couldn't 'open' the picture and bring it larger by sweeping my thumb and finger across it. I then remembered it was a magazine and not my iPhone, oops"

"That’s as bad as saying LOL when somebody makes you laugh" responded merlotgran

Um… <Likes on Facebook>

KatyK "We have Sky plus on our tv so can pause and rewind stuff. Sometimes when I am out with DH in the car and we see something interesting as we are driving along, I think to myself 'I'll just rewind that'."

Pressing fast forward, gransnetters were discussing the power (or rather lack of it) of advertising on TV:

MiniMouse "Hooray for the fast forward button! Hard to avoid adverts completely, but mostly I find that they put me off buying based on the premise that, if they can afford to advertise on TV, then their products must be overpriced to pay for the ads." 

Rockgran likes nothing better than a good ad, but that's not to say she falls for the product in question: "I always stop and watch that meerkat baby crying - gets me every time. I don't buy the insurance though."

Maybe we need some crying baby meerkats on Gransnet. Then again, do they come with a mute switch? 

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In the News

Reshuffle promotes "fresh team" of women to cabinet Telegraph | Join the discussion

Michael Gove sacked as Education Secretary Guardian | Join the discussion

Embassies run up huge congestion charge bills BBC | Join the discussion

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And finally...

"I think I can count the number of times I've overindulged in alcohol on my fingers (ok I might need a few toes as well)." mygrannycanfly

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