Gransnet Newsletter 31st July

31 July 2014

Prediabetes, Penelope Lively and domestic goddessery...


Are you at risk of prediabetes?
The most recent figures reveal that more than half of overweight people over the age of 40 have prediabetes. It's scary stuff. We've collated some proactive tips based on a doctor's advice and gransnetters' experiences.

Penelope Lively

Penelope Lively at GNHQ on Thursday
Discussing her career and her latest book - a view from old age. She'll be at GNHQ answering your questions 1-2pm on Thursday 7 August. Add your questions in advance of our live webchat now.

The adventures of autumn day

The Adventures of Autumn Day giveaway
Win one of 20 copies of The Adventures of Autumn Day: My Big Fat Hairy Lies, by Melinda Wills McHugh. The first in a series of stories about a nine-year-old school girl called Autumn Day.


The Gransnet 10,000 Steps A Day club
According to the NHS, we're all meant to walk 10,000 steps a day to stay fit and healthy. But sometimes it can be a bit of a slog. Join us for support, ideas, encouragement, the odd brag (nothing more satisfying than a 20,000 day!) or even a good old moan. Dig out your comfy shoes and start counting.

no retirement

Ten days to go!
We're supporting Trading Times' bid for a national debate on the value of older people in society - and there are only 10 days left to contribute. From ageism in the workplace, to the misperceptions of politicians, let's help shine a light on an underappreciated demographic.

Over 50s exercise - your questions answered

Julie Robinson, local expert on fitness for over 50s, answered all your questions on shaping up and staying healthy - despite dodgy ankles, bad backs and various other aches and pains. Thinking of upping your fitness game? Take a look at your local site for exercise classes near you.

fitness equipment
Over 50s fitness

Well, of course, I would remember that!

Memories can be powerful stuff, especially those from childhood. Author and journalist, Mark Haysom, recounts one particular memory, of a midnight flit and a caravan, that was so powerful it sparked a book many years later.

Guest blog post


Up for grabs this week:

  • Win a stylish JJ Cole picnic blanket.
  • Win a set of WHAM! books, featuring favourite characters Batman, Superman and Scooby-Doo.
  • Win a copy of A Long Way Down and a DVD player.
  • Win a beautiful My First Dream House doll's house from Le Toy Van, on our Facebook page.

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From the forums

When the sun comes out most people head for the beach, the park, the garden. Most people. But not necessarily gransnetters.

"I do like a good bottoming of the kitchen cupboards on a sunny day" declared suebailey1. And apparently she is not alone (although we admit the first thing WE think of on a warm day is ice cream.)

Chloe1984’s been sorting out her chargers. At Terrafirma1’s house "no corner has been left unattacked by wipes/hoover/duster." And Iam64's been at it in the utility.

Here at GNHQ we’re more for the NanKate school of domestic goddessery. (Not actually a word. But it should be.)

"I hate housework, avoid it like the plague. I just keep things tidy and when it looks like lunar dust on the furniture I do a quick bit of dusting."

It’s not been the best of weeks for Kiora, who (admittedly very quietly) passed wind while out walking with her granddaughter. She instantly demanded ""Nanna did you trump?" I whispered, "Yes but don’t tell anyone." She agreed. Less than two minutes later I saw her telling her younger brother. He flung his arms round me and shouted to his sister (and everyone else into the bargain) "I don’t mind if you farted, I still love you Nanna"."

And toilet humour seems to be all the rage.

"There was a queue for the loo during my aunt's 90th birthday celebrations" revealed merlotgran. "Her three year old great granddaughter was waiting patiently but it was becoming obvious from the smell that one of the very elderly guests in a nearby cubicle was performing a 'big one'. When the chain was pulled we all held our breath as the door opened. There was a loud cry of congratulations from DGGD, "Have you done a poo then???""

And from bogs…to dogs (sorry) and cats.

Ok, mainly cats.

Sweetheartnana’s daughter has two "named Broccoli and Carrots" while Absent’s 'Fonts' "were born in my office. Their full names were Zapf Dingbat (aka Fatty), Helvetica Semi Bold (and he was), Bodoni (a serif cat if ever there was one) and Frutiger Light Condensed (she was tiny)."

WhenIm64’s neighbours "called their cat Riff-Raff (from Rocky Horror) just so they could shout it from the back door when they saw their hated neighbours in the garden" and Phoenix is a firm believer in "cats having their own names, "Voltan, slayer of a thousand voles" for example."

A suggestion approved of by Deedaa. Although "sadly my dear Titus who died many years ago would probably have been Insectus, Catcher of Six Beetles (But he was very proud of them!)."

And rightly so.

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In the News

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And finally...

If anyone's been annoying you this week, you may find this curse, courtesy of our Gransnet Laureate (aka Phoenix), very handy indeed. 

"Double hubble, toil and trouble,
Make his botty boil and bubble

Make his piles and scrotum itch
Give his eye a nasty twitch

Make his skin erupt and ooze
Make him allergic to all booze

Give him herpes, give him sores
Whenever he goes out of doors

Wish all foul things fall from above,
For hurting you and those you love.

(Sorry, I'm clean out of eye of newt)."

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Kat, Lucy and Jane

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